Interview with Like IDK Whatever

I had the pleasure of chatting with my amazingly talented friend Igor of Like IDK Whatever about life, creativity, and cats! He produced and edited this super fun video, so I’d love if you gave it a watch!

If you can’t get enough of our antics, Igor also asked me some this or that and would you rather questions in the video below!


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All About Cotton Yarns

Cotton Yarns | All About Cotton Yarn Tiny CurlSo you’ve fallen down the yarny rabbit hole and discovered there is a wide world of yarn just waiting to be squished and snuggled and even smelled (does anyone else do that?!) There are endless yarn options with varying weights and fibers and blends.

When it comes to crocheting amigurumi, my favorite fiber to use is cotton. I love that it’s a natural fiber and can be super duper soft depending on the yarn you use. I’ve gathered all of the cotton yarns I’ve used and written 100% honest reviews for each one…

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