Santa Curlie | A Free Curlie Add-On Pattern

Santa Curlie Add-On Pattern

Curlies are the epitome of coziness and what is cozier than Christmas?! A Santa Curlie, that’s what! To make this Santa Curlie, you’ll first need to buy the Curlie pattern and make a red Curlie. Then check out the pattern below to make a Santa hat and bristly beard…


Santa Curlie Materials

• Medium weight yarn (worsted or aran) in red and white
• 2.75 mm (C) hook
• Stitch markers
• Tapestry needle
• Scissors

ch – chain
mr – magic ring
rnd(s) – round(s)
st(s) – stitch(es)
sl st – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
inc – increase
dc – double crochet
FLO – front loop only
[ ] – repeat steps between brackets for the specified number of times
( ) – the number of stitches you should have at the end of each round

• Standing dc – See photo tutorial after pattern below.
• Crochet in FLO – See photo tutorial after pattern below.
• Loop stitch – See photo tutorial after pattern below.
• Making a tiny pompom – See video tutorial here.

SANTA HAT (worked in continuous rnds)
rnd 1: With red yarn, start with a 10-inch tail. Make a mr, sc 4 into mr. Leave tail through center to attach pompom (4 sts)
rnd 2: [sc 1, inc] 2 times (6 sts)
rnd 3: [sc 2, inc] 2 times (8 sts)
rnd 4: [sc 3, inc] 2 times (10 sts)
rnd 5: [sc 4, inc] 2 times (12 sts)
rnd 6: [sc 5, inc] 2 times (14 sts)
rnd 7: [sc 6, inc] 2 times (16 sts)
rnd 8: [sc 7, inc] 2 times (18 sts)
rnd 9: [sc 8, inc] 2 times (20 sts)
rnd 10: [sc 9, inc] 2 times (22 sts)
rnd 11: [sc 10, inc] 2 times (24 sts)
rnd 12: [sc 11, inc] 2 times (26 sts)
rnd 13: [sc 12, inc] 2 times (28 sts)
rnd 14: [sc 13, inc] 2 times (30 sts)
rnd 15: [sc 14, inc] 2 times (32 sts)
rnd 16: [sc 15, inc] 2 times (34 sts)
rnd 17: [sc 16, inc] 2 times, sl st in 1st st of rnd, fasten off and weave in yarn tail (36 sts)
rnd 18: With white yarn, make a standing dc join in the FLO, dc around in FLO. See “Standing Double Crochet in FLO” tutorial below (36 sts)
Flip rnd 18 up, leaving a 20-inch tail for attaching. See “Attaching the Hat” tutorial below.

BEARD (worked in rows)
row 1: With white yarn, start with a 12-inch beginning yarn tail, ch 17.
row 2: Turn work, ch 1, loop stitch across. See “Loop Stitch Beard” tutorial below (16 sts)
Fasten off, leaving a 12-inch tail for attaching. Cut center of loops and trim beard. See “Attaching the Beard” tutorial below.


1. Make a slip knot on your hook.

2. Yarn over and hold bottom of slip knot so it doesn’t slip around.
3. Locate the front loop of the stitches at the bottom of Santa hat.
4. Insert hook into front loop of stitch on bottom of hat while holding onto the 2 loops on hook.
5. Yarn over.
6. Bring yarn through front loop of stitch.
7. Yarn over and bring through 2 loops on your hook.
8. Repeat step 7 for the final 2 loops on hook.
9. You’ve completed your standing dc join! Continue making dcs in the FLO around the hat.



1. Insert hook into ch.

2. Holding the ch with your yarn holding hand, drape the yarn over your index finger.
3. With your hook, reach to the back of your index finger, yarn over, and bring through ch.
4. You’ll have 2 loops on your hook. Continue pinching ch so your newly created loop stays the same size.
5. Yarn over and bring through 2 loops on hook.
6. Continue loop stitching down ch, making a total of 16 loop sts.
7. After you’ve finished your loop stitches, cut the center of the loops.
8. Trim the ends so they are all one length.



1. Flip up rnd 18, thread tapestry needle with yarn tail, and insert above rnd 16 of hat. 

2. Insert needle through back loop of rnd 17.
3. Position hat on Curlie, I’ve made my hat slightly tilted to the right.
4. Working counter-clockwise, insert needle into and out of sts as shown.
5. Insert needle from inside to outside of hat through back loop of rnd 17.
6. Insert needle back into same hole you came up through in step 4. Repeat steps 4-6 until you’ve attached the entire hat.



1. Thread tapestry needle with ending yarn tail and weave through sts to the other side.

2. Position the beard over your Curlie’s face.
3. Insert needle into body at side of face.
4. Bring needle and yarn out of the back of Curlie’s body.
5. Weave yarn through several sts. Repeat in several sts in the rnd above.
6. Insert needle into body and bring up further away. Cut yarn close to body to secure.


Santa Curlie Add-On Pattern

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