What a Difference Yarn Weight Makes (and Cheese Puff Pattern!)

Yarn Weight and Cheese Puff Pattern by Tiny Curl

Have you ever loved a pattern, but didn’t love its size? Easy! Use a different yarn weight and hook!

With almost any pattern, you can switch out the yarn listed for a thinner or thicker yarn with a corresponding hook and change its size completely. Such a simple switch makes a BIG difference. The Cheese Puffs above are all made using the same pattern, but with different yarn and hook combinations.

Yarn Weight and Cheese Puff Pattern by Tiny Curl

My Monsieur Bear pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn and a size C hook (2.75mm). For the yellow Monsieur Bear, I used Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran and a Clover Amour C Hook for a finished height of 11 inches. But look how much smaller the blue Monsieur Bear is because I made him with a DK yarn (Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK) and size B hook (2.25mm)!! He only measures 8 inches in height. Isn’t that awesome!

Yarn Weight and Cheese Puff Pattern by Tiny Curl

For the Cheese puffs I used the following yarn and hook combos (circumference in parentheses):

Small Puff (6 inches) – DK weight yarn + 2.25 mm hook

Medium Puff (8.5 inches) – Worsted weight yarn + 3.25 mm hook

Large Puff (12.5 inches) – 2 strands of worsted weight held together (to mimic bulky yarn) + 5.5 mm hook

If you’d like to make your own Cheese Puff, I’ve written up the pattern below. It’s really just a simple ball with a cute face!

CHEESE BALL PATTERN (or a simple ball pattern)

MATERIALS (what I used in parentheses)


  • Magic ring – Watch tutorial here.
  • Invisible decrease – Watch tutorial here.
  • Finish off – Watch tutorial here.


  • All sections are worked in a continuous round, unless otherwise specified.
  • Mark the beginning of each round with a stitch marker.

rnd 1: Start with a mr, sc 7 into ring (7 sts)
rnd 2: Inc 7x (14 sts)
rnd 3: [sc 1, inc] 7x (21 sts)
rnd 4: [sc 2, inc] 7x (28 sts)
rnd 5: [sc 3, inc] 7x (35 sts)
rnd 6: Sc around (35 sts)
rnd 7: [sc 4, inc] 7x (42 sts)
rnds 8-14: Sc around (42 sts for 7 rnds)

– – – STOP AND MAKE FACE NOW.  Insert safety eyes or embroider eyes between rnds 9 and 10. Embroider mouth under and between eyes. – – –

rnd 15: [sc 4, inv dec] 7x (35 sts)
rnd 16: Sc around (35 sts)
rnd 17: [sc 3, inv dec] 7x (28 sts)


rnd 18: [sc 2, inv dec] 7x (21 sts)
rnd 19: [sc 1, inv dec] 7x (14 sts)
rnd 20: Inv dec 7x (7 sts)
Fasten off, leaving a 8-inch yarn tail. Finish off and weave in tails.

I hope this posts helps expand your amigurumi horizons. A fun way to check this out would be to dive into your pattern library and pick a pattern to make tiny or big!

Yarn Weight and Cheese Puff Pattern by Tiny Curl

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