My Amigurumi Crochet Tools

My absolute favorite crochet tools - the can't-live-without things that make crochet work a breeze.

Every crocheter should have a personal toolkit outfitted with their absolute favorite crochet tools – the can’t-live-without things that make crochet work a breeze. I mainly crochet jewelry and amigurumi and my toolkit reflects that. While this list is likely to change over the years, I am absolutely loving these crochet tools at the moment…

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Clover Amour Crochet Hook Set

I started crocheting using Susan Bates aluminum hooks, but they hurt my fingers after long crochet seshs and the yarn would sometimes catch on the seam of the hook. I upgraded all of my hooks to Clover Amours and have NEVER looked back. This set has most of the hooks you’ll need for amigurumi crochet all the way to looser crochet for blankets or garments. They are a DREAM to crochet with. The shape, feel, and grip are perfection. I know many crocheters that swear by these hooks, whether you use a knife grip (like me) or a pencil grip. These hooks are a bit of an investment, so I would recommend trying some less expensive hooks if you are just starting out and when you fall in love with crochet (and I know you will!), upgrade to these awesome hooks. The hooks I reach for the most are B (2.25mm), C (2.75mm), and D (3.25mm) depending on my yarn weight.

Up close Clover Stitch Markers from my crochet essentials toolkit.

Clover Stitch Markers (locking and split)

These are an absolute must if you are crocheting amigurumi or in the round. I use these to mark the first stitch of each round. I use both the locking and split kinds depending on the project. (Update: These Clover Quick Locking stitch markers are my new #1 favorite stitch markers for crocheting amigurumi. They are really thin and unlock just by giving them a tug. AND they don’t leave a hole in your work.)

Gingher Stork Embroidery Scissors

I must admit that I first got these because of their cuteness factor. Don’t you want to cut your yarn by pretending that your stork friend is biting it off for you? I DO! But these actually are the best scissors I own. They are sharp. Like “you may cut yourself on accident” sharp. Which is why they come with their own sheath. Use this sheath. I have had many a stabbing accident because I was lazy and didn’t use the sheath. You’ve been warned.

Fairfield Poly-Fil Premium Fibre Fill

This is kind of a boring amigurumi topic, but stuffing has a huge impact on the finished product. I thought I would be smart and buy some generic/cheap polyester stuffing. Surprise, surprise – it was lumpy and dense. Not really what you want your dolls to be. Fairfield Poly-fil stuffing is the real deal. It is soft and squishy and so nice in dolls. The one con is that the fibers tend to get everywhere because they are very fine.

Thin Tapestry Needles

Because you are working with such a thin hook for amigurumi, you’re going to need a thin tapestry needle to weave in you ends. This collection has served me very well and has a good assortment of sizes.

Embroidery Needles

Not much to say about these. They’re needles. They’re good. You need them.

absolute favorite crochet tools - lined up crochet hooks, scissors, pliers and amigurumi doll from my crochet essentials toolkit.

Jewelry Flat Nose Pliers

This might seem like a random addition to my toolkit, but I use it ALL THE TIME. When I am weaving in my ends or embroidering my faces directly onto my crochet, the needle tends to get stuck. Instead of pulling the needle with all my might and hurting my little fingers, I just grip the needle with my pliers and give a quick yank. It works like a charm.

Bamboo Felt

I choose to use primarily vegan materials in my work, so when I found this bamboo blend felt I was so pleased! It is super soft and luxurious, doesn’t stretch or warp, and is a dream to stitch.

Bamboo Felt from my absolute favorite crochet tools - the can't-live-without things that make crochet work a breeze.

DMC Pearl Cotton Ball Black in Size 8

I was originally using the normal 6-ply DMC embroidery floss (that ones in little skeins) for all of my embroidery needs. Then I discovered these DMC Pearl Cotton Balls – the thread is all in one piece, so you won’t have the same fraying that normal embroidery floss gives you.

Llamarama Large Zipper Pouch by Danica Studio

My dear friend gifted me this llama pouch and it is the perfect size for all of my tools (and super cute to boot)!

Cotton Yarn

I use only 100% cotton yarn in my Tiny Curl work. Here is a blog post I wrote about every cotton yarn I’ve used and which are my faves! (Update: I actually discovered a NEW favorite yarn for crocheting amigurumi. It’s Rico Design Ricorumi DK weight yarn and it is my absolute favorite. I did an entire blog post all about it.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little crochet tools round-up. What are your must have crochet tools? I’d love to know!

My absolute favorite crochet tools - the can't-live-without things that make crochet work a breeze.





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  1. Love your collection! Ok now the pliers totally make sense ? I have the stork scissors too and I have to say I’ve also stabbed myself on occasion! Mine didn’t come with a sheath but it sounds like a very good idea!

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