Amigurumi People Crochet Book Review

Amigurumi People crochet book on a pink background with a yellow crochet hook and a blue ball of yarn. Also there is a crochet doll girl with a panda hat.

I am so excited to share my review for Amigurumi People – the latest book by Mei Li Lee aka Amigurumei! Amigurumi People is an amigurumi crochet book that includes 16 cute crochet doll patterns with step-by-step instructions for every detail. It’s a great book for making unique gifts for the kids and friends in your life. Click here to get your copy of Amigurumi People on Amazon!

Note: I was provided a copy of Amigurumi People to review. All opinions are my own! Some of the links in this post are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. Thank you for helping make Tiny Curl possible!

Take a look inside Amigurumi People!

Right when I got this beautiful book, it was promptly taken by my daughter and nieces because of how adorable all of the characters are. I let them flip through the book and pick which crochet dolls they wanted for their Christmas gift. The first dolls picked were Elise & Isobel the Best Friends!

Mei is an expert at designing kawaii amigurumi patterns and this book shows off that skill! These characters are overflowing with kawaii style – I mean just look at the best friends’ hats!

Amigurumi People crochet book is open on a pink background to show the Elise & Isobel Best Friends pattern page.

Perfect for leveling up your amigurumi crochet skills!

I would recommend Amigurumi People for intermediate crocheters or enthusiastic and patient beginners. The book includes detailed photo tutorials for every stitch and technique in the book, which were really helpful for the new-to-me techniques. It was great to go out of my comfort zone and try some of these new techniques, like using backstitches for the stripes on the shirt and doing a little stitch under the eyes to make them stand out more! But I would guess that if you are an absolute beginner, you may struggle with all of the small details and pieces to make and attach.

Amigurumi People crochet book is open on a pink background to show some of the photo tutorial details.

To make Elise the Best Friend, I used my favorite yarn and hooks – Ricorumi yarn by Rico Design and my Clover Amour hooks. I especially love using my Ricorumi yarn when I am using small amounts of many colors because the yarn balls are the perfect small size at 25g per ball! Ricorumi yarn can be hard to find in the US where I’m located, so I always get it from LoveCrafts. LoveCrafts has tons of great yarn and supplies and the shipping is either free or cheap and always tracked!

You can check out all of my favorite supplies for amigurumi here!

A crochet doll girl with a panda hat, pink hair, a blue and white striped shirt, yellow shorts, and blue shoes stands on a pink backdrop.

Amigurumi People would be a great addition to your amigurumi crochet book shelf and will be the first book I grab when I need to make a thoughtful gift for someone I love!

Order Amigurumi People from Amazon here! You can also on Instagram @amigurumei and her website!

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