Fancy Frog Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Learn how to crochet a frog with a sophisticated style!

Down by the rushing river, Fancy Frog sips tea from a honeysuckle flower. This frog amigurumi pattern is filled with character from their quirky smile to toadstool beret!

green amigurumi frog with a red toadstool hat sitting on a wooden box

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amigurumi frog on a wooden background with crochet supplies like yarn, hook, and needles surrounding it

MATERIALS (what I recommend in parentheses)

To see a complete list of my FAVORITE amigurumi crochet tools and supplies, check out this blog post!


crochet frog on a blue background with text above that says fancy frog free crochet pattern

The finished height of the frog amigurumi is 7 inches. Keep your tension tight and consistent to avoid stuffing showing through. My finished crochet frog is 7 inches long when using a 2.75 mm hook and Ricorumi Cotton DK yarn. You can use other hook and yarn combinations to make your frog amigurumi bigger or smaller. Just make sure your stitches are tight to avoid stuffing showing through. Check out this blog post to learn about yarn and hook exchanges to change the size of your amigurumi.


ch – chain
ch st – chain stitch
inc – single crochet increase
inv dec – invisible decrease
rnd(s) – round(s)
sc – single crochet
sl st – slip stitch
st(s) – stitch(es)
_x – the number of times to repeat the steps in brackets
[ ] – Repeat steps between brackets for the specified number of times
( ) – The number of stitches you should have at the end of each round


  • Changing color – Take the last yarn over of previous stitch with new color.
  • Embroidering on crochet – See tutorial here.
  • Finish off – Watch tutorial here.
  • Inserting safety eyes – See tutorial here.
  • Invisible decrease – Watch tutorial here.
  • Magic ring – See tutorial here.


  • All sections are worked in a continuous round, except feet which are worked in rows.
  • Mark the beginning of each round with a stitch marker.
  • All stitches are written in US terminology.
  • Demonstration photos are shown using right-handed crochet.
  • When crocheting into a chain, I crochet into the back bump of the chain. If you’re not familiar with crocheting in the back bump of chain stitches, check out this blog post.
  • For attaching pieces, I use the seamless join method from Planet June.
amigurumi frog sitting in on a leaf on a blue background



• • • Work into back bump of chain stitches and then, when you turn to work down other side of chain, work into front and back loop of chain stitches. • • •
rnd 1: Ch 4, sc 1 into 2nd ch st from hook, sc 1, sc 3 into next ch st, turn to work down other side of ch, sc 1, inc 1 (8 sts)
rnd 2: [sc 3, inc 1] 2x (10 sts)
rnd 3: sc 2, inc 1, sc 4, inc 1, sc 1, sl st 1 (12 sts)
Fasten off, leaving a 15-inch tail for attaching. Weave in and cut beginning yarn tail. Set aside until after eye 2 is made.


Repeat rnds 1-3 from Eye 1, don’t fasten off. Remove stitch marker.



rnd 1: Connecting the eyes. See photos for reference.

tutorial for how to crochet frog eyes
step 1: ch 4
tutorial for how to crochet frog eyes
step 2: making sure the chain isn’t twisted between eyes and the tops of both eyes are facing down, sl st 1 into last st of eye 1.
tutorial for how to crochet frog eyes
step 3: sc 1, place stitch marker (this will mark the first stitch of your rounds going forward), sc 11 around eye 1
tutorial for how to crochet frog eyes
step 4: sc 4 into back bump of ch sts
tutorial for how to crochet frog eyes
step 5: sc 12 around eye 2
tutorial for how to crochet frog eyes
step 6: sc 4 into top of ch sts (32 sts)

rnd 2: sc 4, inc 3, sc 13, inc 3, sc 9 (38 sts)
rnd 3: sc 7, inc 1, [sc 4, inc 1, sc 4] 2x, inc 1, sc 11 (42 sts)
rnds 4-9: sc around (42 sts for 6 rnds)

• • • MAKE FACE NOW • • •

Click here for an in-depth amigurumi face embroidery tutorial

close up of amigurumi frog face to reference when embroidering the face and inserting safety eyes

Use the picture above as a guide for placement. First, insert the safety eyes between rnds 2 and 3 of eye pieces. After attaching the backing of the safety eye, I used a strong scissor to cut off most of the back post so it would fit in the eye piece. Using lightweight white yarn or embroidery floss and embroidery needle, add 2 long stitches to the right side of each eye as an accent. Using lightweight black yarn or embroidery floss and embroidery needle, make two small vertical stitches at the center of the face for the nose holes. The mouth is made with 2 long horizontal stitches that meet in the center of the face. You can also use blush and a small brush or cotton bud to apply blushy cheeks above the frog’s mouth!

• • •

rnd 10: [sc 5, inv dec 1] 6x (36 sts)
rnd 11: [sc 5, inc 1] 6x (42 sts)
rnd 12: [sc 3, inc 1, sc 3] 6x (48 sts)
rnd 13: [sc 7, inc 1] 6x (54 sts)
rnds 14-21: sc around (54 sts for 8 rnds)
rnd 22: [sc 7, inv dec 1] 6x (48 sts)
rnd 23: [sc 3, inv dec 1, sc 3] 6x (42 sts)
rnd 24: [sc 5, inv dec 1] 6x (36 sts)
rnd 25: [sc 2, inv dec 1, sc 2] 6x (30 sts)
rnd 26: [sc 3, inv dec 1] 6x (24 sts)
rnd 27: [sc 1, inv dec 1, sc 1] 6x (18 sts)
rnd 28: [sc 1, inv dec 1] 6x (12 sts)
rnd 29: inv dec 6 (6 sts)
Sl st 1 into next st. Fasten off and cut yarn, leaving a 16-inch yarn tail for closing ending hole and making butt crack. Don’t close opening yet! See steps 5-8 of the photo tutorial below to finish Frog’s little butt.

crochet frog face down on a leaf on a blue background


Time to make those sweet cheeks! Fancy Frog’s butt is easily formed using the yarn tail and 2 small balls of toy stuffing. The photo tutorial below will show you how to do it!

image tutorial for making the frog butt
step 1: after completing rnd 26 of frog, form 2 small balls of stuffing about 1.5 inches in diameter for the cheeks.
image tutorial for making the frog butt
step 2: on side opposite face, insert stuffing ball into opening for first cheek.
step 3: press ball into stitches to slightly stretch out cheek and make it more pronounced.
step 4: repeat on other side to make 2 butt cheeks. Finish stuffing the frog. Complete rnds 27-29 of frog before moving to next step.
image tutorial for making the frog butt
step 5: finish off your piece by sewing the last rnd closed. Insert threaded tapestry needle through center of hole and bring out between sts under rnd 17, between stuffing balls.
image tutorial for making the frog butt
step 6: Make a long line with yarn tail to make butt crack, inserting your needle between sts under rnd 28.
image tutorial for making the frog butt
step 7: bring needle through another part of frog’s body and pull yarn tail tightly so the butt crack is defined between the cheeks.
image tutorial for making the frog butt
step 8: weave the yarn tail through several stitches on 2 rnds of the frog to make it extra secure. Then bring yarn tail through the frog again and cut yarn tail close to body.


rnd 1: sc 6 into a magic ring (6 sts)
rnd 2: [inc 1, sc 1] 3x (9 sts)
rnds 3-20: sc around (9 sts for 18 rnds)
Fasten off and leave an 8-inch yarn tail for attaching. Don’t stuff. Using tapestry needle, attach to frog body in the stitches marked in the photo below.

close up photo of crochet frogs bottom showing red dots where to attach leg


close up of crochet frog feet

row 1: ch 4 (original chs), starting in 2nd ch from hook, [sl st 1 in next ch, ch 3 (toe chs), sc 1 in 2nd toe ch from hook, sc 1 in next toe ch, sl st 1 into same original ch st you started in] Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 frog toes. See photo above for reference.
Fasten off, leaving a 6-inch tail for attaching to leg. Using tapestry needle, attach to frog leg in the stitches marked in the photo below.

close up photo of crochet leg showing red dots where to attach foot


rnd 1: sc 6 into magic ring (6 sts)
rnd 2: [inc 1, sc 2] 2x (8 sts)
rnds 3-14: sc around (8 sts for 12 rnds)
Fasten off, leaving a 8-inch tail for attaching. Don’t stuff. Using tapestry needle, attach to frog body in the stitches marked in the photo below.

close up photo of frog side showing red dots where to attach arm


The Toadstool Hat is made using red and white yarn. Change yarn to white for 1 stitch to make a spot. I didn’t detail where to place the white spots on your Toadstool Hat as I just sprinkled them randomly throughout each round – making each hat unique! I placed white spots from rnds 2-9 of my hat, keeping rnds 1 and 10 just red.
rnd 1: sc 7 into a magic ring (7 sts)
rnd 2: inc 7 (14 sts)
rnd 3: [sc 1, inc 1] 7x (21 sts)
rnd 4: [sc 1, inc 1, sc 1] 7x (28 sts)
rnd 5: [sc 3, inc 1] 7x (35 sts)
rnd 6: [sc 2, inc 1, sc 2] 7x (42 sts)
rnds 7-8: sc around (42 sts for 2 rnds)
rnd 9: [sc 2, inv dec 1, sc 2] 7x (35 sts)
rnd 10: [sc 3, inv dec 1] 7x (28 sts)
Fasten off, leaving an 18-inch tail for attaching. Using the photo below as a guide, attach the hat to the frog’s head behind the left eye.

crochet frog looking away, showing the placement of the toadstool hat

I hope you enjoyed this frog amigurumi crochet pattern! If you have any questions about this pattern, leave a comment below!

I’d love to see your makes – use #tinycurlpattern to share on Instagram or tag me @tinycurl, so I can see it! I also love sharing things made by you in my Instagram stories.

ヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ) This frog crochet pattern is an original design by Kristina Turner of Tiny Curl. Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this free pattern, you may link to it, but please do not reprint it on your site. You may keep a copy for your own personal use, but please DO NOT sell the crochet pattern or distribute it. Thank you for your understanding.

You can sell items made from this free frog crochet pattern, as long as they are handmade by you in a limited number and you give credit to me as the crochet designer. Please use the following line in the item description of any toy you are selling: • This item is handmade by (your name) from a design and pattern by Tiny Curl, Kristina Turner | • (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ

Fancy Frog Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

14 thoughts on “Fancy Frog Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

  1. Fun project. My daughter said the but made it cute. Not sure I did the toes right. Thank you

  2. So cute! I do have a question about the first eye. Your instructions say to leave a 15” tail for attaching but it seems to me that there’s no attaching to done as the eyes are attached via the chain and then worked in rounds. Am I missing something?

    1. i don’t think there is supposed to, but a long tail is always helpful if you run out of yarn to sew the other things on!! for ex. you might not have cut enough yarn to sew on your arm, so you could use the extra yarn tail. hope this helped/

  3. i absolutely love this pattern! i am about to try it out. is there any way you can put it on a pdf? the ads are distracting for my adhd. thank you 😀

    1. Hi! I’m so sorry, but I haven’t gotten around to making this pattern into a pdf. You can always try to copy the text and paste it into a word program 🙂

    2. CJ AmburDuck says:

      I’m a.d.d. as well. I took scrolling screen shots of the pattern about 10 in total. I edited the screenshot to remove the ads then send myself a text message with those screen shots in the order they go in. If you do try this you can also while editing add a page #1, pg#2 etc.
      Otherwise you could try & print the page & use highlighter as you go. The other thing I do sometimes is print put in a clear protective sleeve in school supply section & then use a dry erase marker as I go.

  4. Hey! Is ir ok to start the eyes with a Magic ring? I can’t seem to get the first rows of the chain right lol

  5. Hii, thanks for the pattern! When you say “All sections are worked in a continuous round” does that mean you have to start with a magic circle?

    1. Hi Barbara! That means that you keep crocheting around and around, not in rows where you turn at a certain point. I hope this makes sense!

      1. oh thank you, i was just wondering because my eyes look so different from yours on how they are started 🙂

  6. My uncle just loves frogs and I can’t wait to make him ..!! thank you so much for sharing..!!!

    1. When I make the eyes I get more stitches I get like 15 and not 12 and my eyes are flat what did I do wrong?

      1. I’m going to make a youtube tutorial for crocheting around a chain! I will post about it when it is ready 🙂

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