The Best Gifts for Crocheters

Find the perfect gifts for crocheters with this handy list!

Wondering what gifts to buy a crocheter in your life? Well, you’re in the right place! Crocheters love all things yarn, hooks, and yarny accessories but it can be tricky finding the right gifts for them. This guide has lots of ideas to find the perfect gifts for crocheters or to add some new yarn or hooks to your own stash – I’m not judging!

The key to getting an amazing gift for a crochet lover is to get them something special. You might be thinking – well DUH! Of course I’m going to get them something special, it’s a gift. BUT it’s very easy to get a crocheter a non-special crochet related gift, especially if you aren’t a yarn enthusiast yourself. Getting a crocheter yarn is no easy feat when their yarn stash could fill the Grand Canyon. But, for example, if you get them special yarn – think hand-dyed, unique fibers, fun color packs – they are sure to love you for it!

Take a look through the categories below to find the perfect crocheter present!

Categories of Gifts for Crocheters (jump to each section)

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A crocheter can never have too much yarn, believe me! But as I mentioned before, it needs to be special to please the crocheter in your life. Stay away from big craft stores and stick with hand-dyed yarn, unique fibers like alpaca or cashmere, indie yarn dyers, or fun color kits.

  1. Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran 10 Ball Color Pack – Paintbox Yarns is a really great 100% cotton yarn. These 10 ball color packs are awesome because the colors all go well together. I love using this yarn for amigurumi and baby items!
  2. Manos del Uruguay Serpentina in Pina Bausch – This yarn is like a party in a ball! This would be perfect for a fun hat.
  3. Birdies Knits in Tutti Frutti – Hand-dyed cotton yarn is hard to find, but Birdies Knits does it best!
  4. Schachenmeyer Catania 20 Ball Color Pack – Schachenmeyer Catania is a favorite for amigurumi – this 20 ball color pack would be great for an amigurumi crochet lover!
  5. KnitPicks Brava Worsted Red Color Pack – This color pack would be perfect for granny squares. This color pack is at a lower price point, but would be a great gift to receive!
  6. THREADS by Megan Nicole Yarn in Monet – Have you seen a more gorgeous color?! I’m going to have to get a few hanks of this beautiful yarn!

Crochet hooks

Like yarn, hooks can be very personal to each crocheter. For gifting crochet hooks, look for high-quality hooks and hook sets. If you’re just buying a couple hooks as gifts, get size C (2.75 mm) or size D (3.25 mm) hooks for amigurumi crocheters and size G (4 mm) or size H (5 mm) for general crocheters.

  1. Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook – So many crocheters SWEAR by Furls hooks. These hooks are an investment, but they are supposed to be the most comfortable hook to crochet with. Check out the benefits of a Furls hook here. While creating this gift guide, I treated myself to a Furls hook, so I’ll report back with how I like it!
  2. Clover Amour Hook Set – I’ve been using Clover Amour hooks for the past 4 years and they are my favorite! This set is an amazing gift to upgrade a crocheter’s hook set.
  3. Rainbow Clay Crochet Hook – Crocheting with this cheery hook would bring a smile to anyone’s face!
  4. Tulip Etimo Rose Crochet Hook – Another super sweet crochet hook set that comes with a pink carrying case, scissors, and needles. Perfect for gifting!

Crochet Project Bags

Project bags are essential for keeping your yarn, hooks, scissors and crochet work together.

  1. Project Bag Store – The name says it all – this Etsy shop specializes in crochet project bags. Each bag has thoughtful details – look at that stitch marker holder!
  2. Yarn Boss Yarn Storage Bag – This cool bag features 6 holes at the top of the bag so the yarn stays untangled while crocheting!
  3. Llamarama Bag – This fun llama bag is the perfect size for toting a small crochet project.
  4. Essentials Cotton Bag – This bag says it all! I’d love this bag to hold all of my crochet bits and bobs.


You can never have too many scissors – especially ones this cute!

  1. Gingher Stork Scissors – These have been my favorite little scissors for years! There’s a lot of imitation versions of these stork scissors. The Gingher version is the real deal!
  2. Kelmscott Designs Flower Power Scissors – I also have a pair of these happy daisy scissors. Small and cute!
  3. Tacony Super Shears Mini Scissors – This 3 pack of mini scissors would be awesome to split between multiple presents. They each have a little sheath so you don’t hurt yourself.
  4. Dead Sharp Skull Scissors – Know a crocheter that’s not about all the cutesy things? These scissors are for them!
  5. Kelmscott Designs Little Love Heart Scissors – A rainbow of little hearts!
  6. Westcott 8″ Rose Gold Scissors – If you’re looking for a bigger pair of scissors, these are beauties!


Yarny enamel pins are perfect for accessorizing your project bag or a jean jacket!

  1. Snail with Yarn Ball Enamel Pin
  2. Alpaca My Bag Enamel Pin
  3. Curlie Yarn Pin
  4. Crochet Hook Ice Cream Pin
  5. Woolly Bee Enamel Pin
  6. Yarnie Enamel Pin


  1. Mini Crochet Creatures by Lauren Bergstrom – These tiny animal patterns would be fun for beginner crocheters to make.
  2. Modern Crochet by Debrosse – This book is like a crochet encyclopedia, complete with stitch tutorials and information about everything crochet. It also features really beautiful modern crochet patterns.
  3. Ricorumi Pocket Pals Booklet – I designed the patterns for this and 3 other Ricorumi booklets. They’re pretty cute if I do say so myself!
  4. 25 Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns by Daisy Farm Crafts – Know a crocheter who’s always making baby blankets as gifts? Get them this book for loads of inspiration!
  5. Kawaii Crochet by Melissa Bradley – This book is loaded with 40 amigurumi patterns to make!
  6. Crochet Cafe by Lauren Espy – Know a foodie crocheter? This book is perfect – it has patterns for lots of cute crochet food! If you want to check out my full review of the book, check it out here!


Yarn bowls and spindles are great for keeping your yarn in one place when you work. No more yarn on the floor or rolling away from you!

  1. Barruntando Ceramics Yarn Bowls – This ceramics shop makes the CUTEST yarn bowls I’ve ever seen!
  2. Furls Crochet Rosewood Yarn Bowl – A gorgeous wooden yarn bowl!
  3. Wood Yarn Spindle – The spindle rotates your ball or yarn cake as you crochet!


Stitch markers are like bobby pins – they’re always getting themselves lost. Crocheters can never have too many!

  1. Clover Quick-Locking Stitch Marker Set – These stitch markers are my absolute favorite. They unlock on their own with a tug and don’t leave big holes in your work.
  2. Alpaca Stitch Markers – Speciality stitch markers let you show off your personality. I recommend the “round clasp” option for crocheters.
  3. Cat Stitch Markers
  4. Sterling Silver Stitch Marker – So unique and really elevate the normal stitch marker.
  5. Tulip Heart Stitch Markers – The hearts make these simple stitch markers special.


  1. Crocheter Necklace – Tell the world that you’re a crocheter with this cute acrylic necklace!
  2. Ottlite Desk Lamp – Ottlite lamps are amazing for crocheters working at night. The light shows the true color of your work so you don’t miss a stitch.
  3. Soak Wool Wash – A delicious smelling wool wash to wash your wooly makes.
  4. KnitIQ Blocking Mats – If you like making crochet clothes, blocking mats are necessary for perfecting your project and making it the right shape and size.
  5. Yarn Winder – Yarn winders turn your yarn into a little yarn cake. Having your yarn caked makes it less likely to tangle and makes it easier to store.
  6. Yarn Swift – Yarn swifts are used to wind a yarn hank into a ball for easy crocheting or knitting! They are essential for yarn aficionados.

I hope you found some great gifts for crocheters on your list! If you’re a crocheter, I’d love to know what gifts YOU’D love to receive? I’ll update this list with ideas!

The Best Gifts for Crocheters

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