Magic Ring Crochet Tutorial (Photo & Video Tutorial)

The Magic Ring Crochet Technique

The magic ring crochet technique truly deserves its name. It is MAGIC. For crochet, magic rings, aka magic loops or magic circles, are the best way to start a project that’s crocheted in the round. Why? Because you’re able to make the center of your work as tight as possible, which makes for a better finished product and less unraveling.

Poster for the Magic Ring tutorial. This tutorial will teach you how to do the magic ring crochet stitch.

Your crochet pattern may tell you to start by chaining a certain number of stitches and then joining to your last chain to make a ring. Then you crochet your first stitches into the chained ring.

With a magic ring, you crochet into an adjustable ring formed by your yarn tail, then after finishing your first round’s stitches and completing the first stitch of your second round, you pull the ring tightly closed. The magic ring is especially essential if you’re crocheting amigurumi. You want to avoid stuffing getting out of your finished doll! Magic rings are also perfect for granny squares! With enough practice, making your ring will become second nature.


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Note: This magic ring tutorial is shown right-handed. If you’re left handed, flip the instructions.


Step 1: Drape your yarn tail (the end of the yarn) over three fingers.

Step 1 in making a magic ring. Drape your yarn tail over three fingers.

Step 2: Wrap the working yarn (the yarn connected to the yarn ball), around your fingers and bring it up and over, making an X. Using your thumb, pinch the center of the X.

Yarn wrapped around three fingers with thumb holding the yarn ends in place.

Step 3: Insert your crochet hook under the first string and over the second string. Pull up a loop.

Crochet hook inserted under first string and over second string.
One loop on crochet hook after pulling the second string under the first string.

Step 4: Reposition ring to face you. Move working yarn to yarn holding hand (the hand not holding the crochet hook)

The magic ring is facing the viewer with one yarn loop over the crochet hook.

Step 5: Make a chain stitch by bringing working yarn over crochet hook from back to front. Bring yarn through loop on hook (this chain stitch does not count as your first stitch!)

With one loop still on the crochet hook, yarn is wrapped around the hook from back to front.
Crochet hook with one loop on it.

Step 6: Pull your yarn tail a little tighter so the magic ring is smaller and more manageable.

A hand is pulling the working end and tail end of the yarn to tighten a magic ring.


You’ve set-up your magic ring! Now you’re ready to start making stitches into the center. I’ll show you step-by-step how to make your first round – I’m making a single crochet stitch.

Step 7: Insert hook into center of magic ring. Making sure you’re working over your yarn tail, yarn over by bringing yarn from back to front over crochet hook. Bring yarn loop back through center of magic ring.

Crochet hook with yarn passing in front of it.
Yarn loop passing through the center of the magic ring.

Step 8: Yarn over and bring through both loops on crochet hook. This makes 1 single crochet stitch.

Crochet hook with yarn passing in front of it.
One single crochet stitch made into center of magic ring. One loop remaining on crochet hook.

Step 9: Continue crocheting into the ring and over yarn tail until you’ve completed the stitches in the first round. Pull yarn tail so the magic ring’s hole is almost fully closed.

Magic ring with six single crochet stitches made is being tightened

Step 10: Make the first stitch of your 2nd round. Place your stitch marker. Now pull your yarn tail as tight as you can to fully close the magic ring’s opening.

A finished magic ring and first round of single crochet stitches. The first stitch of the second round has a stitch marker passing through it.

And there you have it! You’ve successfully started your crochet project leaving the smallest possible opening. Your yarn tail should be secure enough if you crocheted over it. I like to hide my yarn tails inside my amigurumi doll to avoid weaving in ends.

Try out your new skills with some of these free patterns that start with a magic ring:

Magic Ring Crochet Tutorial (Photo & Video Tutorial)

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  1. I am totally a beginner to crochet. But with the help of your wonderful video and clear visual instructions I was able to do the magic ring.Thank you so much.

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