Ricorumi DK Weight Yarn Review

Ricorumi Yarn Review | Tiny Curl Crochet

Ricorumi DK is the newest yarn from Rico Design. I was already a huge fan of Rico Design yarns, so when I learned they were releasing a yarn specifically meant for amigurumi, I was very intrigued.

Note: Rico Design so kindly sent me these goodies to make with and review, but all opinions are 100% my own. This post also contains some affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. Thank you for your support!

Ricorumi Yarn Review | Tiny Curl Crochet

Oh me oh MY. Can we just take a moment to admire the absolute amazingness of this box?! This glorious box includes all 60 Ricorumi mini balls in a super fun package. Ricorumi is 100% cotton and comes in 25g mini-balls. Their size makes them perfect for small amigurumi projects or designs with a lot of colorwork. A smaller 20 mini ball box is also available and of course you can buy them individually.

Ricorumi Yarn Review | Tiny Curl Crochet


Not to be hyperbolic, but this is my new favorite DK weight cotton yarn. Seriously! Athough it’s not mercerized, it has a subtle sheen and softness that doesn’t pill. Even after frogging my work several times, the yarn didn’t fuzz or pill. It stayed looking brand new. It feels soft to the touch, but still has the strength needed for good amigurumi yarn. It also stayed together nicely and didn’t split or break.

In terms of yarn weight and feel, I find it similar to Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK. Ricorumi is a little strong, smoother, and less pilly than Paintbox Yarns. The balls are also half the size of Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK.

Ricorumi Yarn Review | Tiny Curl Crochet


The color range is lovely and is sure to have something for everyone. I especially love the raspberry, blue, pink, yellow, and red colors. I would love them to release rainbow or ombre colors because Rico Design does them so well.

Ricorumi Yarn Review | Tiny Curl Crochet


Also in the Ricorumi line are crochet and knitting tools and accessories. While I will never stray from my tried-and-true Clover Amour hooks, the Ricorumi hooks are very sturdy and strong – miles better than flimsy craft store hooks.

One of the items I didn’t know I needed were the holographic yarn cards! They are super handy when you need to unwind a small amount of yarn. They also published 3 pattern booklets – Magic, Puppies, and Friends – featuring cute little animals like a squirrel, unicorn, kitty, and many more.


When I was deciding what I should make, the first thing I thought was RAINBOW. How could I not with all those luscious colors?! I knew I wanted to make something rainbow related, which got me thinking about clouds and suns, so why not combine all three?! And Cloud Cutie was born! Isn’t she the CUTEST? I am obsessed with her little sun cap.

I’m in the process of writing the pattern for Cloud Cutie – it’ll be released in June, so keep your eyes peeled!

Ricorumi Yarn Review | Tiny Curl Crochet

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