Ricorumi Dress Me Amigurumi Book

Ricorumi Dress Me amigurumi book standing up behind a crochet cat in an outfit. The text on the image says "Dress Up Animals amigurumi book"

Mix and match 4 adorable outfits for Cat, Bunny, Dog, and Bear with the patterns in the Ricorumi Dress Me amigurumi book! Keep reading to get a peek at my amigurumi pattern design process and take a look inside the book!

You can purchase a copy of the amigurumi pattern book in my Etsy shop here! The Dress Me Animal amigurumi book is $14 with free shipping in the US. Get a 10% discount when you buy 2 or more Ricorumi booklets from my shop using the promo code BOOKLET.

Ricorumi Dress Me amigurumi book sitting on a wooden backdrop surrounded by the crochet clothes patterns from the book. There is also an amigurumi cat to the right of the book.

The Design Process

My love of paper dolls and dressing up Barbies inspired the designs for the Dress Me book. I designed the booklets for Rico Design who designed the layout and published them. The animal and outfit patterns in the booklet are made exclusively with Ricorumi cotton dk weight yarn. Ricorumi is one of my favorite yarns to crochet amigurumi with. Check out my post with a full review of Ricorumi dk weight yarn!

I start every project with a pencil sketch. Then I take the pencil sketch on to my computer and digitize it in Adobe Illustrator. You can see the digital illustrations of the animals and their outfits below!

Digital illustrations of a cute Cat, Bunny, Dog, and Bear wearing outfits.

After my sketches and color choices were approved, I crocheted a draft doll to try different shaping techniques, colors, and stitches to get the result I wanted. This step usually involves a lot of frogging aka undoing my stitches! Then I used the digital sketches while I worked and measured my amigurumi as I went to see if the sizing is right. I write the pattern as I crochet my draft doll.

After I finished the draft dolls, I finalized the patterns and worked through then again to crochet the final dolls and outfits. I correct any typos or errors in the pattern until it’s perfect. Check out the final dolls and outfits below! If you’re interested in designing your own amigurumi patterns, I wrote an in-depth tutorial on how to do it in this blog post!

Crochet cat wearing an outfit and beret.
amigurumi bunny in a striped skirt and heart tank top with a gold bucket purse and shoes.
crochet bear in a boho looking halter top, skirt, mary jane shoes, and a flower crown.
amigurumi dog wearing a crochet sweater, shorts and sneakers and holding a backpack.


Rico Design took beautiful photography for the booklet and laid out the patterns in an easy-to-follow way. The Cat, Dog, Bunny, and Bear all use the same body pattern and have different ears and tails. That way, all of the clothes fit perfectly on each animal. My favorite part of the patterns is that the outfits are completely interchangeable. You can pair any of the tops with any of the bottoms. Take a look inside the Dress Me booklet below. I hope you grab a copy and make some cute animals to dress up!

an amigurumi cat sitting on the ricorumi dress me book spread open.
A spread from dress me animal amigurumi book with a couple balls of yarn on a wood backdrop
Ricorumi Dress Me amigurumi book sitting on a wooden backdrop surrounded by the crochet clothes patterns from the book. There is also an amigurumi cat to the right of the book. Text says "Dress Up Animals amigurumi book"

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