Ricorumi Wild Wild Animals Amigurumi Book

A Wild and Fun Crochet Animal Amigurumi Book

From land to sea, the Ricorumi Wild Wild Animals amigurumi book gives you 8 adorable amigurumi animals to crochet! The animals included in the crochet booklet are Donkey, Monkey, Koala, Alligator, Lion, Seal, Narwhal, and Parakeet. Keep reading to get a peek at my amigurumi pattern design process and take a look inside the book!

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The amigurumi book Wild Wild Animals stands on a wooden surface in front of a white background. In front of the amigurumi book are a crochet alligator, crochet bird, and crochet narwhal.

You can purchase a copy of the amigurumi pattern book in my Etsy shop here! The Wild Wild Animals amigurumi book is $14 with free shipping in the US. Get a 10% discount when you buy 2 or more Ricorumi booklets from my shop using the promo code BOOKLET.

A crochet donkey, crochet monkey, and crochet seal stand on a wooden surface in front of a white backdrop.
Donkey, Seal, & Monkey sittin’ pretty!

The Design Process

I had a blast designing the crochet patterns for this booklet. When Rico Design reached out to me to design amigurumi patterns for a new color release of their popular Ricorumi yarn, I was thrilled! Ricorumi is one of my all time favorite yarns to crochet amigurumi with. You can check out the post with my full review of Ricorumi dk weight yarn here.

The team at Rico Design gave me lots of creative freedom – the brief was simply to design 8 animals of my choice. WHOA! It’s a bit daunting having that much freedom. There is an endless list of animals!

So I sat down with my pencil and paper and drew whatever animals came to mind. I wanted to go with animals that I knew I could make in my own style or that didn’t already have a ton of crochet patterns. After I sketch my designs with pencil, I digitize them in Adobe Illustrator and do any final touches. Having a digital sketch of my design lets me scale each element until it’s perfect.

Digital illustrations of animals including seal, monkey, lion, koala, narwhal, alligator, bird, and donkey.

Crocheting the draft doll is where I try different shaping techniques, colors, and stitches to get the result I want. This step usually involves a lot of frogging aka undoing my stitches! I use the digital sketch while I work and measure my amigurumi as I go to see if the sizing is right. I write the pattern as I crochet my draft doll.

After I finish the draft dolls, I finalize the pattern and work through it again and crochet the final dolls. I correct any typos or errors in the pattern until it’s perfect! All of the animals you see in this post are actually the drafts because the final ones live with Rico Design! My drafts are usually very close to the final outcome.

A group of crocheted animals sit in front of a wooden plank on a white backdrop. The animals include a crochet alligator, amigurumi monkey, crochet donkey, amigurumi koala, amigurumi bird, crochet lion, amigurumi narwhal, and crochet seal.


The animals took a trip to Germany where the Rico Design team took their photos and laid out the patterns beautifully. Take a look inside the Wild Wild Animals booklet below!

The Ricorumi Wild Wild Animals amigurumi pattern book sits opened on a wooden table. A crochet alligator and crochet seal sit on top of it.
Ricorumi Wild Wild Animals amigurumi book is open to a page showing crochet monkey and crochet lion.
Ricorumi Wild Wild Animals amigurumi book sits on a wooden table and is open to a page showing the parakeet and lion amigurumi patterns and crochet lion is resting on top of the book.

If you’re in the market for a fun amigurumi book, Wild Wild Animals is a great choice! I hope you grab a copy and make your own zoo of animals!

Ricorumi Wild Wild Animals Amigurumi Book

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